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The most basic item you need for the rise of your e-commerce site is customer. The frequent entering customers into your site, regardless of active or potential, increases your brand awareness in the long run. Naturally, your sales increase at the same rate. There are multiple ways to attract people to your site. If you open several different doors that can be entered into your site, you can have more users enter your site. You can open new doors to your site by buying backlinks. So what is backlink, why is it important? What is backlink? Business partnership is a phenomenon that exists in the digital world. Backlink can be considered a business partnership between websites. Backlink with basic definition; It is the connection given to another site from one site. In other words, it is to publish a link to another website on one website. With this method, the sites are referenced to each other, the site is recommended to the users, and the site that has received a link will win new visitors through those who click on the link and earn plus points in the eyes of the search engine algorithms.